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Ok I am wondering if what TCF did to me is legal. I was closing my account because I switched banks, but I had left $100 in my account for a $50 check to clear.

between last sunday and monday, my $50 check cleared, and i made 6 small transactions that totaled $40. then on tuesday i went to the gas station and meant to pay cash because i had not gotten my new banks debt card yet but I accidently pulled out my TCF card and gave it to him. i only had $10 but i made a $35 charge, so I over drafted. i had hoped the $50 check did not clear yet which was my mistake so I didnt try to cancel the charge, i figured i would just go to the bank and deposit money to cover it. this is where it gets ridiculous.

on wednesday i get an overdraft notice that says 4 of the previous 6 sun/mon transactions overdrafted even tho I had money when i made those transactions. they figured this by taking the $100, subtracted the other 2 (4 of the 6 sun/mon transactions posted, 2 were pending, and so was the $35). so they subracted $35, $7, and $4 (not exact) so they said i had about $52.. then they subracted the $50 check so i had $2. then they subracted the other 4 transactions so I got 4 overdraft fees for those charges even tho I had money when i made the transactions.

now this is where they went way to far and really pissed me off. they said the next day, the new previous balance would be $100 - $50 and minus those 4 posted ones previously, THEN now they subract the $35 (this one first because its biggest) so now im down to (negative) -$14, then minus $7, minus $4. so now they can charge overdraft fees on those three.

so on wednesday those last 3 were subracted with a postive balance, just so they can charge me for the other 4, then the next day, they do this whole process again in a different order, so they can charge me 3 more times.

i want to know, when is MY money actually deducted? is it deducated from my account when its pending (which what they told me on the phone) or when they are posted. because if its deducted when its pending, those first 4 overdrafts should be overdrafted because the funds were already deducted.

if the money isnt deducted until they post, then those other 3 shouldnt have been subracted before the posted ones. how is this legal that they can just keep flipping the order around?

i didnt get the last 3 because i deposted money to stop those from going through, and i got two removed from talking to corporate on the phone because the woman and my branch said she was GONNA clear two of them but since im closing my account she wouldnt take them off.


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