Do not put your money into TCF BANK. I had a valid wire transfer.

A wire transfer is good right off the bat. I had my investor send it that way so there would not be any issues. After a week now they tell me that it's no good. Talked to the Bank that they said recalled it.

They said they had no record of the transaction. My client said he did not recall it and is sending me a certified check instead. What is wrong with this "BANK"?

Putting this check somewhere else and into another Bank no more business with a Bank which does not know how to count. :(

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Dear TCF bank,

I received an email in my spam inbox 03/13/2010 stating my account needs to be updated by 03/15/2010. I don't have an account to update, so what do I do? My email address is: discography12@yahoo.com can somebody explain what's going on here? I couldn't find an email address for "contact us," or "customer service," so how can I email the bank? Any help would be appreciated.

Sincerely stressed,

Richard "The Mardi Gras Man" Johnson

Echo, Minnesota, United States #17903

It was more than liekly recalled by the originating bank not per the cstomers request, otherwise i doubt your "investor" would send u a check.....

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