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tcf is a total ripoff they charged me a 35.00 dollar overdraft fee fot a 3.00 transaction thats' robbery they were rude about and treated me like a criminal, the transaction was on 3/4 my direct depoist was 3/5 which i think is totally a ripoff.

also they ran a credit inquiry on me without any reason or my permission and when i called no one had any answers as to why they are rude about it too.

im sick of them taking our hard earned money especially when our accounts are in good standing, they are making money hand over fist they should be reported to the federal goverment.

pissed off

bernie il

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I am extremely sorry to hear about your experience with TCF. I am however concerened as to where you were when you signed up for the account and initialed the portion of the account agreement that states that TCF will fine you 35 dollars for any dollar amount that causes your account to go negative.

TCF paid your transaction when you didnt have the money in your account... You are responsible for reviewing information before signing a contract. Hopefully you learned from this lesson and realize that you cannot blame a company that is profitable from negligent consumers much like yourself, the onlyone to blame is yourself.

Unless of course you went negative because a teller keyed in your transaction incorrectly. If it was an error by the bank than thats a completely different story.

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