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Well, all the other comments that have been left apply to me as well. They hit me with all kinds of overdraft fees when paychecks we deposited well before checks were written out.

I closed my accounts 2 years ago. Today, I get a phone call from a collection agency trying to collect on 2 accounts- $130 and $58, respectively.

These were "fees" that had gone through AFTER my account was closed. How can you charge an account that is no longer in service?

Can anyone explain this? When I called them, they couldn't tell me what the fees were for but that they would send me printouts from the last three statements from both accounts.

Wow, what a deal! Tempted to see my family's lawyer

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I was very much considering switching to TCF because I do live in Mi. and my daughter has a TCF account in Az.

National City had refused to release funds that I had someone deposit for me until the end of business day so I was upset with them. I wasn't asking for the moon and had been with them for several years. I needed money to get back to Mi.

from Az. After reading all these postings about TCF, I think I had better look for a different bank to replace my National City account.


Your account isn't closed the second you want it to be. Anything pending on the account will still go through. If you had made purchases that hadn't posted yet, they will still go through, as well as any fees associated with those purchases.


No fees or purchases can go through on a closed might want to make sure the account was really closed when u closed it....ask to see a closing withdrawal form...if there isnt one then the account was never closed until after those fees were racked up

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Sounds like a true rip off. I would not give them a dime until they can explain how fees can go through an account when it is closed. Pay the $50 to file small claim papers and maybe it will go away...

Good Luck ;)

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