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I went to TCF to close several accounts I had with them on June 30th. I was assisted by the banks manager. Several days later I got an NSF notice on one of the closed accounts but figured it was a mistake. A week later i got another NSF notice on another closed account. I spent a day on the phone with TCF's phone bank trying to get someone to assist me only to be told repeatedly that I had never closed the accounts, that the accounts had active transfers and now were filled with fees to the point that i now had a -$250 balance on a closed account.

I tried to ask for supervisors or bank manager's phone numbers or anyone who could escalate the problem but kept being told i had to go to the branch again. But that trip got me nothing except someone trying to explain to me what "automatic" meant. Because when the account was open it had automatic transfers set up on it - despite my closing the accounts the transfers would keep automatically happening and any and all attempts to access that account would reopen it and start the transfers again.

After closing the accounts the first time my job accidently direct deposited my paycheck in the wrong bank. TCF claimed to have allowed them to reverse the transfer but never actually gave them the money back. When i went to close the account a 2nd time there was no money in the account and they reversed all of the bogus fees to get the account back to zero.

After i left the bank they redeposited the mistaken direct deposit, reopened the accounts, reinitiated the transfers and started charging me fees - namely a NSF fee because when my company tried to get the money back the full amount was transfered over different accounts.

Reporting them to the FTC eventually got me the regional manager who now claims the account is open yet a third time and i'm the only one who can close it by coming back into the branch. But he said that while they can give me a letter to say the accounts are closed, they can and will not absolve me of any further charges on those closed accounts for my own protection.

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Hi Dan M, Hi all,

i also live in Germany but want to close my account. What do i need to take care of to make sure it is closed ?


Srinagar, Jammu And Kashmir, India #408130

I would like to know how to get this bank to go out of business. There is enough consumers who know they are ripping people off and they need to be held accountable for there actions.

Charging outregous over drafts fees and monthly service fee's for an account that was opened and told as long as there is a direct deposit going into it the fee is waived. Then they change it and make you have 10 transactions on the account every month or your charged the monthly service fee. then charge a per day fee.

I believe this is called embezzlement.... They need to be brought to court on behalf of all consumers that have been made to pay these charges.


I started banking with TCF when they had the $100 free for a friend deal. My boyfriend had an account, and we were short on cash, so we opened me an account so we could get that money. What they don't tell you is that you need to make ten transactions before you actually get the money.

Things were going fine for a while, I set up direct deposit there and I rarely went negative. This was until they set up their new $28/day overdraft fees.

Recently I've been going negative much faster than before. And after two days you can go almost $100 negative. Not a fan of confrontation, I decided to pay my -$250 balance and be done with it. After I had deposited that money, I had $28.03 in my account. All good, right? WRONG. Apparently their "daily" overdrafts fees don't process until days after you've already made the account positive, thus AFTER i paid off my fees, I received yet ANOTHER overdraft fee which left me with $.03. They did not warn me before they did this, so, thinking I still had $28.03 left in my account, I used my card at a Bed, Bath & Beyond. The next day I got a statement telling me that I was negative charged an overdraft fee... AGAIN!! And with their lovely $28/day fees, I quickly became -$150. After talking to someone at customer service, they said they couldn't reverse all the fees, so they put me back to -$50, or so they said. I put in a check for $75, and looked at my fees a couple days later to see that they took out ANOTHER... yes ANOTHER $28 from the week before!

I'm so dissatisfied with their policies, if you're even thinking about joining this bank, run in the other direction. My advice, go to a credit union, mine doesn't even charge overdraft fees. I hate TCF Bank... they screwed me and they will *** too!!


I am now living in Germany. I have an account in the states with TCF that receives my direct deposit. Can I transfer funds out of that account into a German account? Right now, I am going to an ATM daily with a pretty stiff fee from TCF.

Please let me know.

Thank you,



:zzz never had a problem with them


I don't know if this will help you are not, but we filed out an online Better Business Bureau complaint, and within 3 weeks, TCF mailed us a check for the amount we were disputing. We love the BBB! But will never to business with TCF again.


Back in the late 80s and early 90s I got hit with some unfair overdraft fees on my checking account with TCF (the classic post the transactions in order of maximum penalty and delay on deposit). So I figured I’d make them pay. I left $25 bucks in the account and made them pay postage for my statements to my parents address for years.

Fast forward to 2010. My mom tipped me off that they were shutting down the free checking, so it was time to close my account. I don’t live in TCF territory anymore so I had to send them a notarized letter (cost me $10 bucks for notary) requesting to close my account and to send me a check with the balance in my account $25. They sent me a check for $50 in error which put my account in a negative balance.

I called their generic phone support line and got the complete run around. At one point the rep said he’d call me back – I even made him promise. Received no call back. I ended up sending back the uncashed check and TCF finally sent the one in the correct amount of $25.

I think they might be running a scam, intentionally sending me the check that put me in the negative so they could hit me with overdraft fees later.

Regardless, I’m happy that between the cost of 20 years of statement postage in addition to the man hours they spent on me resolving the latest issue, they have paid the price of being such a lousy, predatory bank.


:cry If you still had OBLIGATIONS tied to this account then why did you close the account? I run a small business and ocassionally receive checks from people with closed accounts.

It's very difficult for any financial recourse. I applaud TCF for holding you to your debts.


how do i claim my money from TCF . because i m now living in Bangkok.

but still had money left in my bank account in the state .

i had tried to reach them but i couldn't . please give me suggestion thank..


I am a former consumer lender with TCF and I can say without a doubt that it was the worst employer I have ever worked for! I quit on my own after several years due to harassment, unreasonable expectations, and ethical situations the bank constantly kept putting me in.

They claim to be the peoples bank but they "red line" so much and deny loans for whatever reasons they want to. The overdraft fees that Jose mentioned in the previous comment are true and they built a new stadium for the U of M with the fees. Don't do business with this bank at any cost and please, please, never get a job with them.

The interview may sound alright but they will not back any of it up once you start working. Guaranteed.


TCF did the same thing to me. I'm in the procress of writing the attorney general.

They are getting over on people. I will never go there again


And unfortunately, this is only going to get harder next month, due to the financial bailout that congress passed. One of the quieter line items in the 451 pages says that as of November 1, 2008 banks will be charging a 3% fee on the closing of any accounts.

For obvious reasons, this has not been widely advertised. Best of luck solving it in the next few weeks here.

Tosagua, Manabi, Ecuador #23361

I am not surprise at your experience. I believe you wholeheartely because I was recently a former HR manager, Marketing Manager and Community Outreach Officer with this bank and all at the same time.

I left the bank on my own volition due to stress, harrassment from the President of the Arizona bank who I reported to and from the Head of Retail for the Arizona bank who was in collusion with him in protecting her job and putting forward a positive image of the bank no matter what. I could not believe the incompetency from both of these characters and the errors committed by this bank on its customers. They are completely cold and insensitive to the community which they claim to serve. They are interested in bringing in as many accounts as possible and make it very easy to do so but then are very focused on making over 300 million dollars in NSF charges.

I just had the President of the bank of Arizona actually come to my sisters house to collect on a debt that was initially over 30 days over due for an amount of $92 dollars but had been paid up to date 10 days before he arrived at my sister's house. You may ask why at my sister's house...well he was trying to track to collect on the debt, threatened to foreclose on the property that was used as collateral but that there was not enough equity in it to do so...all this on a few dollars that had already been paid...go figure. This guys are bad news and take it from an insider, never ever due business with them.

TCF really stands for "The Customers is F*>% if you get my meaning. Caveat emptor...buyer beware.

to Jose Schaumburg, Illinois, United States #1206454

I have the same problem my account was accidentally over drafted by a loan company and I told TCF bank about that I did not authorized that payment even though I I had not used the account for a month they still charged me with a overdraft fee even though I had the overdraft protection selected on my account for this exact reason. I recently had my job direct deposit my check in the account but what they didn't tell me was that the account was closed and now I have to wait until Friday to get my money so I can't pay my bills and I even told them that the company is sending me a letter stating it was a accident and they still closed the account after I talked to countless people about this do you think I can get my money out my account before Friday

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