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A screw up by another company led to two days of headaches with TCF. I had 165 in my account to cover a payment of 150.

On 9/10 another company posted the incorrect charge into my account in a 'PENDING' status. This 'Pending' charge was removed from my account before the actual posted payment leaving me at a negative balance. Two days later (9/13) I got a second statement from the bank starting with a $15 balance (the difference between the two above and a POSITIVE balance, pulling out an NSF fee (see above) which left me at a negative balance, then posted the above pending fee and charged me ANOTHER NSF fee. How in the world does a PENDING charge come out before a posted charge?

Also, how in the world do I get an NSF fee when I have a positive balance?! I went into the bank to dispute and after escalating up to the branch manager, she explained that they take out larger payments first because these are usually more important. When I politely pointed out that the 'Pending' charge was the smaller charge and taken out before a larger posted charge, she had no response. This is shady at best and criminal at worst.

I did get my $$ back, but after I was warned that they won't be reversing fees for me for at least another 6 months. Yes you will, if you continue to complete your transactions this way. I'll be sending a letter to the attorney general.

If I overdraft my account, that's one thing, I'll pay the fee, but if they charge me for their shady business practices, I won't stand for it.

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TCF has a terrible reputation in CO also. I hope they are all shut down and they go bankrupt!

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