I know what you mean But i have had almost same kind of Experience at TCF BANK In Libertyville. I got a flyer in mail went to the location to c what do i need to do to qualify for that promo.

Well here is what he told me. First i need to open a checking account and a savings account OK. Second I need to order Checks which I didnt want; to that he says that in order for him to get a credit I would have to do so but since I'm doing so he will Issue me a $30 Gift card OK. Third he said that I need to have one of my accounts over drawen by $25 bucks; that is why he was giving me the $30.

Now the offer of that flyer was I would get $100 Gift Card and A TV. After all that I was shopping at the Jewel when I over heard him talk to his Boss how he made a fool out of me and pocketed the $100 Gift Card.

Now all i have to say is if wanna make a FOOL out of yourself then sure go Ahead and Bank At TCF BANK. Employee's Name A Kanji

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If you stop spending what you don't have then maybe you will stop getting fees. I bet most of you came to tcf because you were getting over drawn fees at other bank. *** loser where ever your go if your and *** your an idiots stop spending what you dont have you losers


Warning.TCF is up it's tricks to get your account to overdraft. After fifteen years they have decided to charge a $10.00 maintenance fee.I continually monitor my account on line and have never had an overdraft.

I checked my account today and noticed a charge of ten dollars. Now if I would have been low on cash they would have been able to charge me a overdraft fee plus the ten dollars. This is noting but a scam. I only use the account to pay bills so I don't keep much money in it.

I will be looking for another bank this week.

We need laws that unless we get paid by cash banks cannot charge for their services. They make millions of dollars off the people without scamming them.


I'm going after them myself. They ripped me off so bad and I have the documentation that my account is positive, yet they try to cheat me for $29 / day. Cooper, Winslow, Joseph, Brown and Jasper need to watch their backs.


:( I hate this bank

My account is $-65 because according with them I spend in one day $100 dollars at the same time in the same gas station, also my car is a small car and I never go to this gas station but TCF bank sent me to gas station to see what the people in the gas station may do about it, and I NEVER USE THAT GAS STATION!!!!! I AM TIRED OF TCF I am going to close my account !!!!


TCF is trying to take my home after offering to sell it back to me. They never told me they were going to hold a second lien on my home and had no intention of telling me.

They have done nothing but lie and misrepresent themselves to me for a year now. I have 2 small kids and am looking at getting booted out because of their dishonesty!


I opened my account with TCF on 6/14 I made a deposit 100.00 and the rep told me I need to use my account 10x to get my $100.00 from TCF. I made 2 charges on 6/21 $6.37 & $6.06 and on 6/22 1.76 & 1.76 ok now they tell me I overdrew my account here.

WTF How My endng balance should $84.05. how can this be whats going on!


Tcf will go to every concievable end to fudge your

'Transactions pending' and 'Account balance' amount

the same way as 5/3rd bank. They double process their books

so as to stick the customer with as many $35 overdraft fees

as possible. Im supposed to have $70 in my account today, not

-$150. All 6 customer service reps at (800) 823-2265 basically

told me that they were looking at a different computer screen

and that to get an 'accurate' understanding at how they arrived

at my overdraft amount I would have to wait for the statement thats coming in the mail. Obviously the 'hire ups' (lower downs in my oppinion) at TCF bank doesnt take the 8th Commandment that says Thou shalt not steal." (Exodus 20:15 KJV). too seriously. God in Heaven please help all of us Tcf customers who have fallen prey to the tcf bank crooks, I humbly ask in Jesus Name I pray, Amen.


how can regular, hard working people like us get recourse from this crooked bank of thieves??? will a lawyer take up a class action lawsuit???

i am tired of complaining about this bank and getting ripped off.

now i am unable to close my account because i have no more money to cover the $100s in fees they keep charging me! i am about ready to ruin my great credit and just walk away from these ***.


:( this f@%king bank is rediculios there sopposed to give me 100 for opening an account and 100 for being refered and they continue to argue with me about it and there aint shi% i can do about it now im going to a loyer and he said thay are wrong but he cant help eather because in the fine print it says they can do whateveer they want


I referred two people and have never had the 50 dollars they claimed would be deposited to my account.when my wife questioned them they were rude and evasive.(idiots)


:( Their online banking is never accurate so i overdraft my account all the time and they allow it to go through even though i dont have any funds! i end up pying about $150 everymonth because they call it a debit but its credit! f%@!tcf bank!


tcf is totally fraud bank. i deposit cash and write checks, they always pay the amount and charge me 30 bucks for insufficient funds.

when i see statements there was nothing wrong. but they dont believe it. i dont know where to report these ***. totally fraud.

i am going to close accounts. these *** looking people are not ***, they are crooked, and wait for someone to come and they take his money man.


:( This bank sucks. I overdrafted my account totally my fault.

So I started paying on my account and closed. However, when a check was deposited in my account they keep the whole check!!!

never told me there was one deposited my account was paid off or anything!! I AM SO TIRED OF BEING RIPPED OFF BY THEM!!!

Silkeborg, Midtjylland, Denmark #14941

What do we expect from a bank that needs to be inside of Jewel.

Girard, Ohio, United States #7016

I waslate on my Ford Motor account. I was laid off from my job and fell behind on my payments.

I received threating calls at the time at all hours of the day. I was cursed out by the coollector. The day he threaten to have to vehicle repossed, I ask if I could pay it the next day. He agreeded to that as I would have money the next day fro my unemployment check.

I was on my last three payments of my lease. I would rather pay my last three payments than to have Ford reposse my car and end up paying twice as much.

Well, within 20 minutes of that last call, a tow truck was ringing the doorbell to get the car. Not only did the Ford employee lie, the company that came to get the vehicle stole the Bible out of the car and some CD's he also state that he was a Minister!

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