they like to hold all checks till just before my direct deposit so they can start there stealing.was overdrawn by $1.50 by the time they were done that $1.50 cost over $300.00 in there crazy fees.

no notice given that i was overdrawn so they could contiue to steal.iam not the only one this has happened to.

do not use tcf bank if you want to hold on to your money!and if you dont have money in an checking account why would you let the debit go through if you were not planning on collecting excessive fees

Review about: Tcf Bank Checking Account.

Monetary Loss: $300.


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my company wanted TCF Bank Direct Deposit Form last year and was told about a company that has lots of form templates . If others are wanting TCF Bank Direct Deposit Form as well , here's a link http://goo.gl/rQvR5E


Not trying to be a *** but I've been with tcf 2 years, no problems. If you have enough sense to read the fine print, watch your balances, and use overdraft protection, you wi never have a problem. Simple minded dumbfux.

to Anonymous #801011

You must work there because all they do is steal your money. They change your direct deposit posting date to rip you off. But I call the better business and got my money back they are thieves in a suit.


This bank is horrible.The worst banking mistake I have ever made was opening an account with them.

Horrible policies, poor customer service.I hope they go under.


Have they always charged International Service Fees?I don't remember that last time I went on a cruise and visited 4 different countries, but now I just came back from Canada and used my VISA check card (VISA doesn't charge the fees, I checked, its up to TCF to do so) and I a dozen "International Service Fees!" I used the Visa instead of losing money converting cash - but should have just done that.

What a rip off! Oh, and they randomly charge me maintenance fees on my savings account.

Some months they do, some months they don't - the amount varies - it never makes any sense!Switching to a credit union!!!!


Worst bank ever! They rip off my money and credit score with unauthorized transaction!


These people are nothing but criminals. I had a emergency checking account, and the drained it dry.

Who ever is behind this should be placed in prison.

Thanks TCF for stealing 253.00 dollars from me. If I can do the same favor to you some day I will.

I hope that some lawyer takes this and has a class action lawsuit against TCF for stealing money and calling it a fee.

Maintenance fee my ***.


Holy cow, I have never realized before how much a bank is willing to screw their customers so much!I moved from another state and only opened up an account at TCF because 1.

it was local (I'm in the Denver area) and 2. because they are open 7 days a week. I was also promised a $50 deposit if I kept the account open for 3 months. Well, that was in January 2008 and I have yet to receive the deposit.

Oh, might I add - every person I spoke to at the bank and over the phone has no idea what I am talking about! Okay, so that matter aside, whatever, no big deal. However; I have noticed in the past few months that they have begun to process transactions in a way that has caused me SO much money. I have a deposit that comes in every other Tuesday.

And I set up my Geico insurance payment to come out on one of those deposit dates. Do you think they credit my account with the deposit first????? No! They have been deducting my insurance payment, PLUS whatever other pending items I have...AND THEN crediting my account with the deposit!

This has happened just within the last 3 months. To top it off, this caused my account to go negative by $35 last week because they decided to process my insurance payment and car payment first, pay outstanding checkcard transactions and THEN credit my deposit (even though these transactions all came in on the same day). That caused me 175 in NSF fees....even though my deposit was sitting right there. After the deposit, my account was still negative $35, and if that's not enough, they have been charging me $28 a day for having a negative balance.

I did not even realize it until I received a letter in the mail on the 7th day stating they were charging me and when I checked my account, I saw that they had just appeared on my account!! WOW! This bank is getting ridiculous! I understand you are strapped for cash, but this is definitely one way to lose customers!

I am taking my money and running! I will pay what I owe, but I am DONE with them!

P.S.I should also add that I am a former banker from the MD area, so I am familiar with how banks work - and this one really takes the cake!


WORSE BANK EVER RIPPED ME OFF SOOOOOOOO MANY TIMES AND NOW MY ACCOUNT IS ON HOLD AND THEY CANNOT PROVIDE ME WITH ANY ANSWERS!They forgot to close another account and tried sending me to claims bc the account went under their limit!

When they opened up this new account and still had no access to my account no temporary checks.They just want your money.


TCF = Take Customers Funds, used them for over 20 yrs and been screwed one to many times, they are one of others having a class action suit filed for deliberately stacking the nightly posts to try to get your acct to overdraft. (they always post the highest amounts first so you will possibly end up with a negative balance, which happens alot more than you think with customers) bottom find someone else, One that has integrity.

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