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TCF bank has been charging me overdraft fees and I usually just let it pass but I called and asked about it recently and I was told that they charge the highest amount first, then charge you the next ones hence making the balance negative and still authorizes multiple transactions even if I don't have enough funds just so they can charge me the multiple overdraft fees.

I was even told by a supervisor that I do not have a choice but pay overdraft fees and mine are more than $400.

I guess my question is: who is our advocate in these situations? They tell me I do not have a choice but pay.

Now I have to pay. I'm switching banks but I still have to pay.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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TCF bank just totally Scooby Doo'd me. I was overdrafted by maybe 30 dollars yesterday and immedietly went in and deposited every cent I had (literally, had to turn in change) which amounted to about 150 dollars.

My account was positive, I held the reciept in my hand and walked out happy. Checked this morning... $-301 DOLLARS?? TCF refused to refund me.

And now, for that awful customer service, I refuse to pay.

I will NEVER bank with them again and I will tell everyone I know the same thing. Glad to see others are in the same boat and I'm not crazy.

Fort Huachuca, Arizona, United States #389956

TCF bank is the worst bank ever! It was never communicated to me that their overdraft fees were going to change to a daily fee for each day your account is negative (otherwise I would have closed my account then).

TCF’s overdraft policy should be considered a crime!

I was away on business for 3 weeks in a state where TCF does not have locations. I made 2 transactions using my debt card which overdrew my account. When I returned back home I checked my mail and got their statement stating I have accrued 14 separate $28 overdraft fees for these 2 transactions.

I quickly went to a branch and tried explaining that I was out of town on business and that was not aware of what had happened to my account and was requesting these fees be refunded. I also mentioned that I never received anything from the bank explaining this policy/procedural change. The personal banker who was assisting me said that this new policy is better than what it was before ($35 fee for each overdraft). I then quickly asked the personal banker “How is getting slapped in the face 14 different times for the same mistake better than being punished once initially by paying a $35 overdraft fee”.

The personal banker’s response was that this situation was not a bank error and that she was not able to help me, therefore I am responsible for the $392 in fees. The branch manager came over and tried comparing TCF’s to Red Box’s (video rental kiosk) daily late fee for not returning a movie. My response to the branch manager was that Red Box charges $1 per day, and not $28! And at least I would have a movie to show for it when everything was said and done, and besides I give TCF bank a portion of my check each pay day (direct deposit) therefore they should not compare TCF Bank to Red Box or their practices.

To make a long story short, I bit the bullet and paid the $392 in overdraft fees and closed my account that same day. I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH TCF EVER AGAIN, and am planning on issuing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau as well.


TCF is the worse bank ever, and after today, i will be closing my account and hopefully everyone does the same. I deposited some cash into an ATM at 1027 pm, but since it was after 10, it didnt get credited until the next day, meanwhile something cleared my account at midnight and i was charged an nsf. How come something can clear at midnight but cash doesnt' get credited until the next day?


All you have to do is pay the actual balance that they payed for charges you made. You can tell them to go *** themselves for the fines, they can't file lawsuit for collection procedings for fees. I had the exact same thing happen to me, almost word for word.

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