I have been doing business for 9 years with TCF bank. Never been late with our mortgage.

Yet when I called for a deferment, I got to see their true colors. First I was told I needed to call back when I was one day late. Then I was told to cb when 30 days late. I called the supervisor who told me I was not qualified anywaybecause I was unemployed.

Now if I was employed would I be calling for a deferment? Now I am scared that I will end up in foreclosure. Despite the fact I tried to make arangements long before any of my payments were late.

Stay away from TCF mortgage.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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TCF is the worst bank and are the only bank i know that will try to make it harder to work with you. I tell everyone with an account or mortgage with them to walk, because the amount of time and money you will spend trying to do the right thing will be in vain anyway.


Same thing is happening with us! They have pulled foreclosure.

Cure figures are wrong and they added an additional 4k to them. I am looking for help as well.

Please feel free to contact me maybe we will have strength in numbers.



I'm going through a similar thing, however, TCF is the 2nd mortgage on my home and my primary mortgage needs them to release their portion of the deed so we can do a deed in lieu of foreclosure. TCF wants $10k cash in order to completed this along with a $10k note payable over 5 years.

OK first of all, if I had $10k I wouldn't be in this situation in the first place. They are the worst to deal with and even talking to the VP of short sales or whatever, I can't get anywhere.

They are unwilling to work with anyone and they are only in it for the money for themselves. They are the greediest bank ever.

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