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do not under any circumstances do business with this bank. They will steal your money.

They would not clear a check from my employer which I later got cleared then charged me a fee then closed my account then stole my savings account money without any notice until after the fact!!! They are the biggest rip off bank I have every run into. They need to be shut down!!! I opened an account in Tempe Arizona at a new bank at Tempe Marketplace.

There has to be a way to stop this banking predator as I am sure I am not alone!!!

I am researching this currently.

Review about: Tcf Bank Banking Service.

Monetary Loss: $2300.

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They know what they are doing.

Dispute their charges and refuse to pay.

They will eventually back down. They get enough suckers to pay right away so in order to avoid the added hassle they will usually cave if you pressure them.

Nobody should ever do business with them.


Tcf is definitly a rip off,I have had them for years and have dealt with poor customer service over those years..They flat out rip you off! if you did what they do you would go to jail! I dealt with the absurd atm fees they charge..need 20 bucks from the atm..well its going to cost you about 15 bucks in fees..then then started charging a maint.fee without notice on an acct that I have had for years...I also had family that worked as branch managers for TCF..they have all left to go to other banks due to tcf polices,low pay and just being almost criminal.this bank has so many hidden fees that they will hit you with and flat out steal your money..Im going now to withdrawl the remaining money that they havent yet stolen from me....TCF should be investigated!


I ahve banked with them for YEARS. Yes, bank fees SUCK, however, they are the best I have seen out of Chase, B of A , Wells, Compass, Wachovia.

ALL banks have the advantage when it comes to fees. They are slanted int he favor of the banks, just like Vegas Baby.


This bank is very poorly managed and a serious danger to your financial well being. They are absolutely fee-happy and will take every single chance they can get to charge fees, including $10 ATM fees.

They are also known for backdating charges and delaying deposits in order to collect overdraft fees.

I actually felt sorry for the tellers I ran into, as they seemed just as confused about policies and procedures as the managers and the CR reps on the phone. Don't deal with these people.


:( this bank is absolute rip off, i had a incoming deposit in my account and they decide to take 170 in fees when the money is in there!!!!!!!!!!!!! total rip off.

Turbotville, Pennsylvania, United States #24709

I own a number of bank accounts across multiple banks, including TCF. Although they are less open than other banks, they're federally regulated and I've never encountered them doing anything illegal. I've closed two separate accounts with them and both times they gave me my money without question and closed the accounts without obstruction.

I'm not sure why people are claiming they lied. If you're not careful - if you overdraft or try to purchase without available funds, you'll be denied. You'll be charged fees. That's true of any bank.

TCF Bank is not a great bank - and certainly poor in the customer service department. But my experience has never shown anything less than following the letter of the law.

Parsons, West Virginia, United States #22790

Hey banker, TCF has a rule that says that they have no way of taking the money out of your savings account. They told me so themselves, the supervisor to be exact! TCF is a big rip-off.

Echo, Minnesota, United States #17906

"Actual Story" You had a check, you spent too much of the money before the check cleared, you bought your account negative, you didn't pay it off. And then the bank took the money out of the savings to pay off the money you owed them.

Westmoreland, Tennessee, United States #9203

These a---holes did the same thing to me.

They say that soemthing is cleared charge you a fee then, they go and unclear it and charge another *** fee.

And tell you it's not a *** bank error.

When they say it's fine!

I don't think so, this bank is ***!! don't use them!!!! ever!! :(

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