This bank does not have a clue how to do business. Mona the branch manager was contacted in person on Thursday July 3rd 2008 at 9:05am to start a instant wire transfer , this was so I could get a car before the 4th and not be stuck taking taxi cabs everywhere.

Mona then said she processed the instant wire transfer, and 4 hours later I call up asking the status, she then takes 30min to tell me a routing number is wrong.

Come to find out it was NOT wrong, and next thing you know she cant process this instant transfer until Monday the 7th of July 2008.

Now I am stuck without a car, the people who I am buying the car off of think's I am full of *** because they never heard of a Bank doing this, saying a routing number is wrong when it is not.

But what is someone to expect when you are taking out a good amount of that banks money to another bank, which is the competition. TCF shows here that if you try to take money away, they make it near impossible, with fake problems and errors.

So Stay away from this bank, unless you want to have over $8,000 in limbo where its non refundable, so if these people sell the car, Im not only out a car, but over $8,000 , because you can NOT reverse a wire.

Thanks Mona, you made this 4th of July one to remember. A ruined one, and now I have to live with not knowing what the *** is going on with my money that is in limbo until monday.

If I had Mona's last name it would be posted here because she deserves to be called and told how great of a bank manager she is. NOT.

I hope you stuff your face this holiday Mona, because come monday you will get a call from me ever 1 min after 9am EST until you get this instant transfer done.

For anyone who thinks this is just a specific problem to this location, please cut/paste the below link, which is to a google search to show how many other websites / complaints are out there for this lovely bank :


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