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I have an account with TCF Bank and was issued a "debit card." Turns out the card cannot be used as a debit card at all. When I want to get cash back after a purchase which can be done with "real" debit cards, I can't.

Called the bank, they said it "should work." Well, duh, it should! They sent me a replacement card, that doesn't work either. Called the bank again, got the "it should work" line. Someone was supposed to call back.

No one ever did.

I'll be closing my account. I think the debit card can't be used to get cash because they want you to use ATM's so they can collect a fat fee!

I'm over TCF!

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I just was told by a TCF customer service associate and her supervisor over the phone that the TCF debit card never allows pin based transactions in CO. I had similar issues to the origial poster of this thread. We were misinformed when we opened our accounts because they claim to issue a debit card that is not one!


I agree, it should work. I have been with TCF for about 7 years now.

No problems getting cash out. I can tell the register to run it through as a debit and use my pin with no problems.


Maybe your using it wrong a pin code is requested for a debit and cash back a signature is used as a credit no cash back.I've banked with TCF for almost 17yrs never any problems

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