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TCF charged me a $9.95 monthly fee on my totally free checking account with no notice. They basically stole $40 from me before I noticed. The executives of this company should be put in jail as common thieves. I suspect Nationally this amounts to millions of dollars. What would be my sentence if I stole millions of dollars?

Check out these links to see the hundreds of other consumers that have been ripped off. This appears to be the makings of a great class action lawsuit.

Review about: Tcf Bank Checking Account.

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I got screwed over by them randomly switching to the 28/day overdraft fee without properly informing me of the change. I reported them to both the Better Business Bureau and The Office of the Comptroller of Currency and got a refund.

It is probably in poor taste to report them to the OCC before trying the BBB first. I figured the OCC complaint would work particularly because of still getting additional fees even after I deposited cash to pay off the balance, which should be highly illegal.


I looked at my monthly statement and I was charged $9.95 fee cause I dont have a $10,000 balance. They said that it came in my Setember statement funny I only get online statements!!

When I asked them to just close my account they tld me to go to the branch where I opened my account. I live in South east Wi and I opened my account in MN.

So I have to Drive 12 hours just to close my account!! WOW !!!


We had several problems with TCF, the worst being them changing "Totally Free Checking" to $9.95 a month checking, giving us only small print notification in the space usually reserved for their annoying promotions and happy sales talk. We talked to TCF reps for hours to reverse the $130 fees, all the way up to the top of the customer service chain, and was told they could only refund $70.

We closed our account, and, on principle, filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau about the remaining amount they swiped. To our surprise, a few weeks later, we received a check, from TCF, for the full, heisted amount. LOVE the BBB, thank you!

Will NEVER do business with TCF again. Customers should not have to work that hard on reversing sneaky charges like that.


I was notified by my statement and the postings all over the branch lol can you read?

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