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I am now a former TCF Bank customer. I created this site so I, and others, could share our TCF banking experience with the world.

I'll start by saying of all of the banks I have had accounts with in the past 10 years TCF Bank is by FAR the worst. I'll start from the beginning.

Back in the early 90's I was getting to the point where I needed a bank account. I was young (under 20) and had been living paycheck to paycheck and had just been cashing them at the local currency exchange. I was starting to get some bills and figured it was time to get a checking account so I could write checks to pay the bills and start living like an adult.

My hours were all over the place - I was working nights, weekends, changed from week to week. Because of that, and generally being poor, there were two things I was looking for in a bank - hours and fees. I needed a bank that had late hours, convenient ATMs and low or no fees. AT that time TCF was one of the only banks in my area offering everything I was looking for. They had a TCF Bank branch in Cub Foods which was on my way to work, late hours and an ATM or two right in my area. I though I found the perfect bank and opened my account right away.

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Irritated, I understand the fee for NSF, if I make a mistake I agreed to pay for one mistake, not 28 per day for the one mistake. I was never notified of the change, nor was I notified about the fees they attached to both my and my uncles accounts, what they called maintenance fees.

Also,,, I take care of my uncle who has cp.

I am his payee. I went to the ATM at the tcf bank to get money to take care of some of his bills, and food for him, exc. I used his card to withdraw the money, the ATM did not dispense the cash but did take the money from the account. I double checked the account and the money was gone!

I pulled the car to the side and called customer service. The woman on the phone told me to go across the street to get my money back, she said they would give it right away. I asked her to call them and let them know what was going on. She assured me she would send them an email.

When I got to the jewel across the street, they looked at me like I was crazy! They gave me a different story. The one girl, "stephony" looked at her coworker and smirked! As though I was dumb for being upset for there crappy service!

It has been 2 weeks! I had to fax a letter to the claims dpt, called the next day just so they could tell me I had to fax it again from the tcf branch. I had had enough. Today I went to open a new account at a different bank and found out that tcf charged an account that belonged to my uncle and mother when she had his care.

It was over $2000.00! I had closed that account when my mother died in 2009! It was sent to collections in 2010. They could not tell me how a handicap man and a woman who had passed away a year before could have done this.

So excuse me but the bank you are defending is a bunch of money hungry thieves, who steel from crippled men and the dead! It is run by kids who look like they are still in high school, and the only time tcf cares, is when they are trying to get people to open an account. Once you do, you are nothing but an other sucker they pulled in. Well this sucker, her uncle, husband, aunt, son, daughter, and as many friends she has are closing the accounts with tcf.

Already, three are going to be closed with in the next week.

Tcf should pay me $28.00 per day for as long as it takes them to correct the mistake to my uncles account. And believe me, when I told them this, it pissed them off.

Spring Valley, Texas, United States #20230

Hi Irritated,

You sound very smart yourself, what language is the word integrit ?

Oh I see you meant to spell Integrity .

You must be the banker who types in the wrong names / numbers to screw up peoples accounts.

Thank you for proof that you are smart.

Bear Creek, North Carolina, United States #5857

I'm in banking now, and most of the *** customers that come into my bank won't balance their books to save their lives. Some of you people act like babies that have to be spoon fed and if you don't get your way you throw a tantrum.

Some of you should do us a favor and close your bank accounts and put your money under a mattress. Your integrit doesn't extend much further.

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