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The real problem with TCF are the managers located in your nearby Jewels. They treat their sales associates with no respect, do not want to train them correctly, and then write them up for nonsense.

They even have the nerve to ask Jewel employees if the sale associates are doing their jobs. Hello, what kind of manager goes to someone that isn't part of their staff to figure out who is doing what. I see these sales associates/tellers trying to recruit customers to open up bank accounts everytime I come into a Jewel. They are doing their jobs with professionalism.

They problem is that mostly everyone that comes in to Jewel already has some type of account. And come on lets be realist, in this economy who really has the cash to open up another account? It is very rare and the goals they set for these employees are unrealistic. The managers are very unprofessional and should acutally in my opinion be replace by the sales associates.

I see them belittle their employees as well as the customers and speak to everyone as if they were lower then dirt. They lack customer service skills. They expect their employees to do what they do not do.

I really feel bad for the sales associates/tellers. This is why I closed my account with TCF and wouldn't open one with them ever again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tcf Bank Account.

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I HATE TFC SO MUCH!!! $6 for using a non tfc ATM. *** TFC.


I work for TCF and I wouldn't say it's the branch management, it's the head of the retail division that sets the sales goals. So all the stress goes right down the ladder.

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