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I was online and site made an unauthorized charge of $82.37 to my account. Immediately I called TCF and informed them of the scam and put in a stop payment request.

It was taken over the phone and I was told to come into the branch to put it into writing and fax it to the e-commerce department. I was in the branch 30 minutes later doing this. Well 6 days later TCF still deducted my account for the amount after my direct deposit. Another week later they credited the amount back to my account.

7 weeks later I happened to check my account and it was overdrawn. TCF bank had went back after 7 weeks and once again deducted the amount out of my account claiming the first credit was ONLY a provisional credit and they had reversed it because I didn't supply additional information. The customer service representative seemed oblivious to the fact that it was an unauthorized charge of $82.37 that had been deducted from my account which meant that it was MY money so telling me they did me a favor by issuing a provisional credit for 7 weeks as if they were giving me money was silly. The alleged additional information was ALL of the same information I had submitted in original statement..i.e.

date of loss, when I filed dispute, company's response etc. I then jumped through the hoops and wrote out statement answering those questions and went immediately into local branch and faxed it over to the e-commerce department. The money was still not credited back to my account and when I called them I was then told that they were entitled to another 30 days to make a decision on whether to refund the money back to my account. I also have had occasions where my deposit showed up on my online banking account as posted then it was moved back to pending and all charges made on my debit card were subjected to overdraft fees.

By doing this on one occasion I was charged a total of 5 overdraft fees of $37 each for total of $185. When I complained I was offered a "courtesy" credit of $25.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tcf Bank Banking Service.

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This is so true. I tried to call just now as their site says as soon as i knew there was an unauthirized charge.

They are closed and gave already hit my account for 37 dollars. *** poor bank service

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