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On December 18-21st of 2017. I placed made several debit card transactions with a local upholstry and furniture repair company.

To have a sofa sectional and dinning set built. The total of the payments was $2,969.99 On Dec, 22 the owner of the company called and said that our payments were being held by his cc processor and that no payment went through to him. For some reason Square Inc, his processor closed his account and decided to hold all money from 17 customers. I was one of those customers.

He told me to file a claim with my bank and charge back the transaction. That he would be glad to work with me and the banker could call if any questions. So later that day I called TCF 1-800 explained the situation and filed my claim. On December 26th, only 2 business days later TCF denied the claim saying the Service Provider had sent some service agreement stating that no charges can be cancled once they post, they can only be cancled in processing .

So I call back the company. Odd, They say they don't have any such agreement, and where never contacted in anyway by anyone from my bank. The owner himself agreed to make a 3 way call with the bank, and after explaining to the customer service reps, who stated this greatly changes the story, they told me to go into the local branch, provide any supporting documents and reopen the claim. The owner agreed to come with me.

He provided all the emails from his credit card processor Square Inc, stating that the transactions would be refunded to my credit card within 7 business days. As of Jan 3rd 7 business days had passed, and no refund ever came. And that the funds would be withdrawn from his account, another email showing the deposit of his money from his bank, and bank of america business account screenshots showing the withdrawl of funds that go hand in hand with squares deposit that refund my transactions. As well as verbally telling them that he would not build the furniture or make any product without a payment (ITEM NOT RECIEVED) Today Jan 4th 2018 TCF, I call the same bank manager that met with me and the company owner Patryk K.

Branch Manager at 1589 Rand Rd, Palatine IL Branch. He states that there is no answer to the outcome of the claim, and that it can take " alot of time" to get a refund or decision not to refund. They need time to investigate the claim. I thought this rediculous as both I and the owner/ merchant showed up and gave the bank a slam dunk for a chargeback, yet in over 9 business days no one from TCF ever contacted the owner, who I call 3 times a day asking if he has news.

My bank gives me a different answer each time I call. Today I needed to open a secondary claim of Item not recieved because the bank made a completly different claim than what I explained. They also said that the documents that we went into the branch to have the branch manager fax, never were recieved to the disputes department, and that essentially, we need to email them again. As an added bonus my email will not be added to my claim or visiable to them for up to 72hrs.

Which means that I will be at 12 business days before I get my next undoubtfully foolish response stating that no email was recieved, just as they said no fax was recieved, lies.....lies... and who can trust lies with their hard earned money. Im 23yr old single mother. School in the day, work at night.

What a joke. So what was the point of scheduling a 1 hour meeting with the bank manager , customer, and merchant, if you can not take the time to properly link supporting documents to a claim. This is $2,969.99 not a small amount of money to let go missing. Plus i saved up for 8 months to have this furniture.

My mother and grandmother used the company no problem, and great furniture. I plan to call the bank daily until i receive my refund. The processor or the bank is holding from me. I will complain on each and every forum to make sure others know this bank is horrible.

and if needed I will take a lawyer, and go to NBC5, TCF Bank has failed in so many ways, I talk with someone , and they blatently change my words so that something is different than what I say. Federal law requriers a bank to dispute and credit a victim of fraud within 10 business days. I have given all I can, and was lucky enough for the merchant to be helpful, but still the bank will do nothing, every day they need more time. Even after the merchant came and proved proof the payment was taken by the processor and the processor claimed i would be refunded.

No refund.and the bank tells me to just have the merchant pay me.

The merchant says no, the bank must take the origional funds back from the processor, and the processor never responded to emails, and has no number unless you are a customer. I would like a member of Management with the authority to rectify this horrible situation to contact me immidiatly.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tcf Bank Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $2969.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I liked: Very little.

I didn't like: Being humiliated, Lies, Poor treatment from customer services, Slow or non-existant resolution.

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Yes they did the exact same thing to me. Then told me to email the dispute team because I told them I would be appealing their decisions and if they couldn’t provide documentation that the transaction was authorized I’m demanding my money be put back.

They gave me an email address that doesn’t even work. The corporate office only has a physical address, no phone numbers, no email address, not even a fax number.

This is organized crime, they’re stealing from hard working people. I plan to seek legal action, I was informed there is no reason why I shouldn’t proceed with a lawsuit and from the looks of theses reviews, it should be class action law suite.

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