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I recently worked for the bank and let me tell you that I had to leave this bank on my own volition due to stress caused by the ineptitude, incompetency, and down right cold approach to business that both the President and Retail Head of Arizona displayed. I was with them for over a year and never before in my professional experience had I witnessed two people that were so inept at their jobs.

The attrition rate at TCF Bank Arizona was through the roof and almost every client that I referred to the bank from my network left the bank in disgust. This bank is all about making money from its clients which it lures in with the concept of offering an account to almost anyone who wants one then to simply make NSF charges to the tune of over $300 million dollars a year. Keep in mind that the bank will not lend money as easily as it opens accounts. To even try to get a car loan, it is a ridiculous process to follow and extremely high interest rates for its car loans are the norm.

The bank simply is just not managed well due to a lack of leadership and support systems for its employees. Most employees quit this bank since it is a joke to work there. Paper driven with archaic banking system and simply lack of an official training program is the least what I witnessed in Arizona. I am not a disgruntle former employee since I always intended to work there for a year but what I witnessed is definitely worth sending a warning to potential customer or shall I say victims of the worst customer service and lack of leadership that I have ever experienced.

Know that this is coming from a banker that has worked for institutions 100 times bigger than this one and has served this coutnry as a Captain the Marine Corps whose officer program is known as one of the top leadership development programs in the world. I know leadership and I know operations and let me tell you that this bank is neither a leadership institution in Arizona nor an efficient operation. Take a look at its stock as of late. It is down to $13 or so dollars a share.

This is from a bank that prides itself on avoiding downturns in the economy. Go figure. By the way, I just had the President of the Arizona bank personally go to my sister's house to try to collect on a debt that was only a few days over 30 days past due for a $90+ payment and the kicker is that the account was paid up 10 days before this joker of a President showed up at my sister's house and had no clue from his collections department that it was paid up 10 days before and that I had personally talked to one of the bank's representative that same morning about the lost payment that the bank could not find after accepting it from us 10 days before. Amazing.

Go figure. It gets worst...he also went to my sister's house to tell her that her new loan with TCF bank was past due but she never received a statement from them and had actually called them before to find out why she had not received the payment paperwork and/or instructions. This President also yelled at my 75 year old mother who was first answered the door and his tone of voice captured the attention of my sister who immediately went to the support of her mother. The fact that a bank President was personally collecting on a debt that he should have known was already paid up as well as a home loan where the paperwork had never been given to the customer is indicative of how screwed up these people really are here in Arizona and from what I see in comlaints it looks like the same is around the country.

Keep an eye out for TCF and avoid them like the plague. I will be personally taking this message in Arizona and around the country. Oh yes, I was the Arizona HR and Marketing and Community Outreach Officer and I personally know that this was all about harrasment of me since I initially left the bank on my own terms. Either way what a waste of salary, time and effort when this joker of a President of Arizona spends his time chasing a few dollars when he could be doing something worthwhile like being more competent and caring of his customers.

I know what I am talking about and I have so many other insights to give.

Once again, buyer beware...TCF bank means "The Customer is F*&%:.

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I WILL NEVER EVER USE TV'S AGAIN. All I wanted was to cash a check the last told me that it would be so much easier if I opened my account and my fund would be available right away so I drove an hour away to put my money down for my new place and was unable to pull money out and the dumb *** starter checks they give you not one place I went to takes the damn things.

I would have never ever opened the damn account if I knew this would happen.

The manager said there was absolutely nothing he could do. TCF is so horrible just take advantage of people


Free checking goes to $9.95 within 2-3 months after you open an account

Savings account charged 2-3 months after opening $4 per month

They will remove all your ACH transactions from Friday until Tuesday in a effort that you overdraw your account because you never really know your true balance nor the day they will hit your accounts for fee's..... THAT'S WHAT OVERDRAWS the account (please don't give me that balance you check book ***, they will charge you a fee for the post office changing the zip code FUNNY IT IS NOT..

They will play you off as some *** if you challenge them and the only line they use is IT MUST HAVE BEEN AFTER 6:00pm so we where already on a new day soooooorrrrrryyyy ***.

Run get away from them asap


We had several problems with TCF, the worst being them changing "Totally Free Checking" to $9.95 a month checking, giving us only small print notification in the space usually reserved for their annoying promotions and happy sales talk. We talked to TCF reps for hours to reverse the $130 fees, all the way up to the top of the customer service chain, and was told they could only refund $70.

We closed our account, and, on principle, filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau about the remaining amount they swiped. To our surprise, a few weeks later, we received a check, from TCF, for the full, heisted amount. LOVE the BBB, thank you!

Will NEVER do business with TCF again. Customers should not have to work that hard on reversing sneaky charges like that.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #26019

I live the same nightmare with TCF bank, I have had a mortage loan with them for 8 years and I cant get out of it, We too got a loan with no paper work, we had to find a lawyer to get it then reading it, its a ballon term loan, we totally did not know about,( the loan officer came to our home for us to sign the papers and promised to bring copies back never did) when we are 1 day late, they have showed up at our house, ask for post dated checks, tell us to sell something of ours to make a payment, we also have a tcf bank checking account, which they have a couple times went in and debited our account for the payment. To view the loan on line really upsets me, my loan never goes down..just up, they have hit us with 597.00 and 600 dollar LATE FEES. nobody I have talked to can explain, the collection dept, is very rude and inconsiderate, they have even told us our loan was higher then our appraisal then asked who did we know at the bank...its a nightmare we can not get out of!!!

Farnborough, England, United Kingdom #25856

We got huge problem with TCF too.

We tried to closed our account since January 7th 2008. But We couldn't.Our ending balance was +$73.21and we did not do any transaction on this account.

Now we own them $1971.79(one thousand nine hundred seventy one dollars and 21 cents).

They are pack of thieves. We must hire lawyer to clean our credit history.Time to stop them.

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